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Jot no longer supported!

The jot editor is no longer supported in the CSB Core. We suggest you use nedit insted. In fact, on most core SGI computers, if you try to use jot, you will get nedit instead.


Jot is a display-oriented cut-and-paste style ASCII text editor tuned to run on Silicon Graphics machines. Jot is written using pure Graphics Library code, and hence will not work on a generic X terminal, and it ignores the X resources. Jot (which was originally called "zip"), is tuned to run well on large files, and can edit arbitrary binary files.

If you wish to use the jot editor, invok it by typing:
jot & or
jot 'file name' that you want to edit.

You can setup things like fonts, text size, page size, etc. Once you have a format you like, you should save it so you can get the same ``looking'' editing session each time.
The jot editor is a full screen window editor with point and click options for cutting, pasting, and deleting pieces of text.
'man jot' to see the various invocation options.

Window Menu Button:

All window functions may be accessed from this menu or by alternate means as listed. Access the Window Menu in one of the following manners:

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