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Printers in the CSB Core Laboratory

The following printers are available in the CSB Core:

You should submit print jobs only from computers locates in the Core, and retrieve your jobs shortly after printing them. This will enable you to detect and correct problems with jammed printers or runaway jobs.

In June, 2007, Core printing was reorganized using a CUPS server. System administration documents are at .

Printing from Core linux/Irix/Mac computers Printing from Core Windows computers Configuring your laptop to use Core printers Managing print jobs Common problems and solutions

Printing from Linux, SGI/IRIX, or Mac OSX

From linux and similar computers, you can print to one of several queues:

In many applications (such as acroread, firefox, thunderbird), the Print command presents a dialogue box, which enables you to choose among the allowable queues.

You can send a file to the default queue (mono), with the command:
  lpr filename.

To print 3 single-sided copies of a file, use
  lpr -P mono1x -# 3 filename.

The CUPS printing system used in the Core recognizes most file types. That is, you should be able to use the lpr command to print .jpg, .ps, .pdf and most other common file formats (though probably not .doc or other office documents). However, it is usually safer to print through the appropriate application (gimp for .jpg, acroread for .pdf, etc.).

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Printing from Windows

From Core Windows computers, you can choose from the following printers:

All options (duplex printing, choice of paper tray, choice of paper type) can be selected from the Properties section of the printer dialogue box.

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Configuring your laptop to use Core printers

N.B. This will only work if your laptop is registered on the Core's rc network. This is usually not the case.

From Windows

From Linux and MacOS

Recent MAC and Linux systems use the CUPS printing system. When connected to the Core's network, they should see the Core's printer queues without any additional measures.

If there are problems, see the Core staff, or look at .

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Managing print jobs

The command, lpstat gives you the JobID of any print jobs that are queued. lpstat -a Shows active queues; if it doesn't show anything or hangs, the CUPS printing system has malfunctioned.

cancel JobID will cancel a job already submitted.

A GUI administrative tool is available at Click on the Jobs tab to list, and possibly delete, jobs. Or click on the Printers tab, then on a particular printer.

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Common problems and solutions

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Printer Supplies

The color and mono printers support printing on heavy stock. This is best done by setting the printer properties using a Windows computer.

Don't use transparencies. If you absolutely must, talk to a staff member first. You can destroy the printer by using the wrong media.

Hewlett Packard 8000 Laser Printer

Oki C710 color laser printer

EPSON Stylus Color Inkjet Printers

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