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DSC Protein Secondary Structure Prediction

Discrimination of Protein Secondary Structure Class is a web site for the prediction of protein secondary structure.

Two prediction modes are available:
1) If you have a single sequence. A multiple sequence alignment will be formed and DSC used to predict secondary structure.
2) If you already have a multiple sequence alignment. DSC will use this alignment to predict secondary structure.

DSC has a prediction accuracy of 70.1% on a standard set of 126 proteins. This was not significantly different from PHD, a popular prediction method. For medium length sequences DSC was more accurate than PHD, and combining DSC and PHD produced a prediction method more accurate than either.

DSC is based on simple linear statistics. A paper on the scientific basis of DSC will appear in Protein Science: "Identification and Application of the Concepts Important for Accurate and Reliable Protein Secondary Structure Prediction" by Ross D. King & Michael J.E. Sternberg

An on-line manual is available.

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