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A freindly uudecoder

UUDeview is a program package that will help you to transmit and receive binary files over electronic lines. It includes both an encoder and a decoder. The decoder automatically detects the type of encoding used, offering MIME Base64 and BinHex as well as the popular uuencoding and the less frequently used xxencoding methods.

UUDeview was written by Frank Pilhofer <fp@informatik.uni-frankfurt.de> and there is a homepage for UUDeview.

UUDeview has been installed on the SGI machines and is also on LINUX machines in the CSB.

To get started, save your email or news files containing uuencoded portions in one file and simply type:

uudeview [file]

There are numerous options and prompts. Online documentation is available locally. The man page is in the $MANPATH and also in html.

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