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To launch MovieMaker in the core on a SGI machine type:

limit stacksize 65536
moviemaker &

MovieMaker is a multi-track interactive editor for QuickTime format movies.
Help is available on-line through the pull down help menu.

MovieMaker enables you to put together content for a Web page, a presentation or a stand-alone movie, to play over a workstation or copy to another medium, such as a videotape.

A movie can be made from a set of images using mediaconvert or makemovie.

Demo for creating a movie clip from a set of images.

Moviemaker can import a large number of file formats
Movie Formats:Quicktime, SGI, AVI, DV-DIF/DVCPro-DIF files, and MPEG movies,
Audio formats: AIFF, AIFF-C, WAVE, NeXt/Sun, MPEG-1 Audio and
Image file formats: SGI (rgb), TIFF, GIF, JFIF (JPEG), Photo CD.

Moviemaker supports exporting the current movie to one of a number of popular formats
Movie formats: SGI, QuickTime, Microsoft AVI, MPEG-1 Systems, DIFF
Image formats: TIFF, JFIF (JPEG), and Uncompressed
Audio formats: AIFF, WAVE

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