Setting formats on the Imagecorder

The following set of parameter values was worked out by Jamie Cate and tested by Carl Correll (Retested 09/19/97 on new camera on csbile).
left linearity -2
right linerarity -11
height -2 (csbile)
width -3 (csbile)
vertical -5 (csbile)
horizontal +9 (csbile)
brightness +5 [black bkgrnd], 0 [white bkgrnd] (csbile)
contrast +10 (csbile)
red +0 or +2, or +4 (csbile; changed 04/29/98 as per user suggestion; necessary for Ektachrome Elite2 film; corrects white background that looks pink)
green +2, or +4, or +6 (csbile)
blue +2, or +4, or+6 (csbile)

For csblys:

height +8 (csblys)
width +8 (csblys)
vertical -7 (csblys)
horizontal +5 (csblys)
brightness 0 (csblys)
contrast 0 [white bkgrnd], +5 [black bkgrnd], (csblys)
red -4 [black bkgrnd], -2 [white bkgrnd], (csblys)
green -4 [black bkgrnd], -1 [white bkgrnd], (csblys)
blue -4 [black bkgrnd], -1 [white bkgrnd], (cs blys)

(The last three (r,b,g) values mean that you may want to bracket your settings. You could also use +3, +4, and +5 for a tighter bracketing. For faint electron density lines or non-bright colors you may want to lighten the image by bracketing between +4 to +8. This is equivalent to a one F-stop range.)

To enter these into the Imagecorder:
Press Mode until "Image Options" is displayed on the front panel.
Then press Enter to access the "Image Options" submenu. The message "Image Adjustments" will now appear on the display.
Press Enter. The message "Height" will appear, followed by a value between -15 and +16.
Press Increment or Decrement to chage the setting for "Height".
Press Enter to access the "Width" adjustment menu and proceed as above to change the setting for "Width".
Continue in a similar manner for other settings. The User Manual with a full description of the above is next to csbile.