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XtalView is a complete package for solving a macromolecular crystal structure by isomorphous replacement, including building the molecular model. The xtalmgr, the main menu drives a suite of crystallographic modules by click of an icon. XtalView maintains log files of the computations done. Standard file formats are used, which facilitates communication between XtalView and programs such as X-PLOR, TNT, and MERLOT.

To get started:

To convert a CNS map to XtalView format:

XtalView is a collection of programs. The online manuals for each of these programs are here. A hardcopy of the manual is also in the core area.
A User Guide is also available.
More details are available from the XtalView homepage

Example files may be found in /srv/local/XtalView/examples/

If you use this program in a published report please cite the following:

McRee, D.E. (1992) A visual protein crystallographic software system for X11/XView. J. Molecular Graphics, Vol.10, pp 44-46.

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