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WHAT IF is a versatile protein structure analysis program that can be used for mutant prediction, structure verification, molecular graphics, etc. An overview of all WHAT IF can do for you is part of this documentation. This documentation is available via anonymous FTP on swift.embl-heidelberg.de.


WHAT IF is available for academic users for ,- (negociable), commercial site licenses are available (US5000,-). Users need to sign a license agreement. WHAT IF is used on 5 different continents.

User courses

There are about six WHAT IF courses per year. These courses are free of costs.

WHAT IF related services

Several free subsets of WHAT IF will be made available. Presently these are: The list of files used to create WHAT IF's sequence unique database of high quality structures can be obtained without restrictions.

Hypertext Manual

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the manual, please don't hesitate to contact me. For information about acquiring WHAT IF, read the chapter on licenses. If you need more information please contact Gert Vriend. This set of HTML files is also available as one archive file on the public part of the WHAT IF ftp site. You can also read the installation notes, and the WHAT IF FAQ (list of Frequently Asked Questions).

We also maintain a list of all major new features in WHAT IF.

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