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2007.06.07 -- This application has been archived. Local users, see a CSB staff member for help if you need to run this program in the Core.

SETOR (Including GRAPH and PHIPSI)

Hardware-lighted three-dimensional solid model representations of macromolecules

Setor is designed to allow the display of secondary, tertiary and quaternary structures of molecules. Setor provides control over almost every program parameter via mouse activated dialogue boxes. It was created by Stephen Evans (evans@flint.biochm.uottawa.ca).

There is a hard copy of the User Manual in the common core area. (No on-line documentation yet.)

To load CNS maps you need to edit the map file.

To get started, type the following on exxon, texaco, CaO2, BaO2, IrO2, PoO2, RbO2, csbjoe, csbleu, csbval, csbgly, csbile, csblys, csbrna, gibbs, taso2 or taso3:

setup setor (or source /sgi/local/setup/setor.set)
Setor or setor

Expand the graphics window. Use the right mouse buttons to clear the logo and the right mouse button again to pop the first menu. Things should be pretty obvious.

Graph plots various forms of data (y; x,y; x,y,s; x,y,s1,s2 and more) and is described at the end of the Setor User Manual. The output of Graph can be visulized on screen with plotsee (for man page type, man plotsee) or can be plotted on a PostScript printer with posterplot (for man page type, man posterplot).

Phipsi produces a phi-psi plot from a WH or PDB format coordinate file (for man page type, man phipsi). The output from phipsi can be visualized with plotsee or printed with posterplot.

Note: If you publish figures from the use of SETOR please cite the following:

Evans, S.V. (1993) SETOR: Hardware lighted three-demensional solid model representations of macromolecules, J. Mol. Graphics, 11:134-138.

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