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Rayscript is a program which reads in parameter files for molscript and writes out instruction files for rayshade. Rayscript was written by Dan Peisach.

Click on the image below to view a larger version.

The above example was made by the following commands (warning - cpu intensive):

setup rayscript (or source /sgi/local/setup/rayscript.set)
cp /sgi/local/molscript/example/ras_view1_col.in .
cp /sgi/local/rayscript/examples/ras_view1_col.all .
rayscript < ras_view1_col.in > ras_view1_col.ray
rayshade -P -I$RAYINC -q -O ras_view1_col.rle ras_view1_col.all
convert ras_view1_col.rle ras_view1_col.gif

The *.in file is the same file used in molscript; the output of rayscript (*.ray) is called by the *.all file as additional input for rayshade; the output of rayshade defaults to Utah Raster Toolkit "RLE" format (*.rle) and can be converted to another format (here *.gif) using convert from ImageMagick.

Other *.all files for the rest of the molscript examples (gdp, gdp_col, gdp_stereo, ras_view1_ab, ras_view1_chain, ras_view1_col, ras_view3_sup) are in /sgi/local/rayscript/examples/. Inspect these files and change to suit your case.

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