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MidasPlus Description

MidasPlus is capable of displaying molecular structures and surfaces from information in a PDB format file of atomic coordinates. It uses the program DMS to calculate surface parameters. Ancillary programs such as ribbons, neon and conic display very high resolution graphics. The ribbons program requires the HELIX and SHEET records to be present in the PDB file.

A hard copy of the user manual (version 2.1) is in the core area. It is also available online.

Getting Started

Set up for Midas by typing:
setup midas
source /srv/local/setup/midas.set

Then launch Midas by typing:

There are four tutorials to help you learn the commands of MidasPlus.

A list of things, Midas will do, in addition to the general display of molecules.

Demos in MidasPlus

The MidasPlus home page is at UCSF.

Please Note: If you publish a figure using this program please cite the following:

Molecular graphics images were produced using the MidasPlus program from the Computer Graphics Laboratory, University of California, San Francisco (supported by NIH RR-01081).

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