MidasPlus Demos

These demos were prepared principally for SGI and DEC workstations, though most do work on NeXT workstations as well. The demo images work fine on NeXTs. On the other hand, the tutorial doesn't work well since much of the instruction refers to interface elements that differ between NeXT and SGI/DEC implementations. The remainder of the demos are mostly functional on the NeXT, except that non-existent NeXT commands (ribbonjr, hardware stereo) will be skipped.

The "images" contain sample images prepared with MidasPlus and a brief description.

The "tutorials" have a series of exercises to assist a beginning MidasPlus user in getting started.

The "sample_files" contain example files used to control the behavior of various MidasPlus utilities. They are referred to in some demos.

The demos have MidasPlus sessions and script files for running MidasPlus to demonstrate particular features.

4helix_density: Demonstrates display of electron density contours (X-PLOR format)

crodna: Use of a variety of MidasPlus features to illustrate a model of Cro/DNA interaction

hiv: Demonstrates techniques useful for making videos and some simple receptor-substrate docking techniques (model system: HIV protease)

dna1: Simple demonstration of interactive ribbon display

ts: Simple demo included "because it was there"

dna: Simple demo included "because it was there"

dnazoom: Simple demo included "because it was there"