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Sparky helps you assign and integrate peaks in NMR spectra and display the processed data.

To launch Sparky in the core:

type: sparky &

Sparky is available for the Linux, Irix and OSF systems.

Online manual and tutorial is also available from the help menu of the Sparky window.

Additional conversion programs pipe2ucsf, vnmr2ucsf, bruk2ucsf are in your path.

A hard copy of the Sparky manual can be found in the core.

/eve/dist/sparky/examples.tar contains sample NMR spectra and assignment data for demonstating the NMR assignment and integration program Sparky. Copy and unpack this distribution in your home directory

data/example100.ucsf - part of 100 ms noesy spectrum (UCSF format)
data/example250.ucsf - part of 250 ms noesy spectrum (UCSF format)
Save/example100.ucsf - Sparky assignments (Sparky format)
Save/example250.ucsf - Sparky assignments (Sparky format)
Projects/example.proj - Sparky project containing 2 spectra
TATpeptide.pdb - structure (Protein Data Bank format)

You can view this data by using the Sparky open project command under the file menu. You will need to start Sparky from the your home directory that contains this "example/" directory. (This is necessary because the files in the Save and Projects subdirectories contain file paths like "example/data/example100.ucsf" which will not be valid unless the current directory contains the example directory.)

If you publish work that made use of Sparky you can cite it as:

T. D. Goddard and D. G. Kneller, SPARKY 3,
University of California, San Francisco

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