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v2.8.2 / v3.10.2

Statistical Heavy- Atom Refinement and Phasing

SHARP is a computer program for macromolecular crystallography. It operates on reduced, merged and scaled data from SIR(AS), MIR(AS) and MAD experiments, refines the heavy-atom model, helps detect minor or disordered sites using likelihood-based residual maps, and calculates phase probability distributions for all reflexions in the dataset.

The new version of SHARP includes the following features:

Existing features have been extensively improved:

To use SHARP please ask David Keller or another staff member to create a user account for you. (available for CSB users only). Staff may refer to for further details.

To access the SHARP environment you will need a special user ID and password.
You will be emailed information on how to set up the required files to start using sharp.
SHARP runs from within a browser and requires that over 2MB of SHARP environment files be deposited in your working directory.  While running it produces a large amount of output therefore the files should be sent to a location other than your home directory.  Temporary file locations such as frames disk are not a good choice because unused files will be removed.  Without the sharp environment files sharp will not run.  It is suggested that files be sent to user space on a group disk where they will not be removed.  This will require the user to determine if there is enough overall space left on the group disk before running the program. This location must also be world writable since the program suite runs as user sharp.

Sharp is available (in the CSB core) on in an interactive mode only.

To run Sharp on sharp server type: you browser window.

If you get an error of the form network connection was refused by the server it means that the SHARP server has not been properly started. Ask one of the staff to start the SHARP server -- they can get the necessary instructions at .

To see what this is all about, CSB core members (only) may browse the manual and tutorials.
Sample files may be copied to the user's sharpfiles directory from /srv/local/globalphasing/sharpcurrent/samples/sharp/

The Sharp home page has FAQs and release notes.

Last Modified: Monday, 30-Dec-2013 10:58:19 EST

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