Platon and Pluton

PLATON may be used in conjunction with and complements structure determination programs such as SHELXS-97 and refinement programs such as SHELXL-97. The build-in PLUTON link may be used with the same data files for more elaborate graphics such as molecule packing plots.

An Introduction to Platon and Pluton can be found here.
The User Manual for Platon and Pluton is available online.

Other useful online manuals are:

An introduction to Platon GUI
Instructions relevant to ORTEP functions: The Platon/Ortep manual.
Techniques for Absorption Correction: The Platon/Abscor manual.
Disordered Solvent Area Refinement: How to Use Squeeze
Missed Symmetry Search : Platon/Addsym Manual
Reflection averaging and RL-display: Platon/Asym Manual
Symmetry : Platon/Symm Manual
Validation Tests on CIF-data : Platon/Check

A list of Frequently Asked Questions on PLaton and Pluton can be found at the Platon home page

Platon Program Sections

1. Molecular Graphics Tools
2. Molecular Geometry Tools
3. Tecniques for Managing Voids
4. Symmetry Related Tools
5. Absorption Correction Tools
6. Report and Publication Related Tools
7. Miscellaneous Tools