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NMRView is a program for the visualization and analysis of NMR datasets. The following summarizes some of the features of NMRView.

The author is Bruce A. Johnson, info@onemoonscientific.com.

The NMRView homepage has tiny scraps of additional information. Please note that the Core version is out-of-date, as the program is little-used, and the author requests an annual support contract that we're unlikely to budget for. If you are interested in a newer, Java-based version, however, see the Core staff and they will try to get a copy.

The documentation is of two types. From within the program click on the Help button. This will give you the choice of using an internal browser-like window or an external browser such as Netscape.

To setup the environmental variables and paths for NMRView, type:

setup nmrview or (source /srv/local/setup/nmrview.set)

and to launch the program, type:


Note: If you publish any results from the use of this program please reference the following:

Johnson, B. A., and Blevins, R.A. (1994), Journal of Biomolecular NMR, 4:603-614.

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