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Grace (formerly Xmgr) Description

The above is a typical display obtainable using xmgrace

The online manual explains what the program can do.

Additional information is available at the Grace website.

For a tutorial click here.

For a series of demos do the following:
Type: cd /srv/local/grace/grace-current/examples
Type: ./dotest

This launches Grace with an interactive session. When you exit from this session another interactive session is launched which explains the next topic. This goes on for quite a while. Kind of winky but it gives you the flavor of the menus.

To use Grace in the CSB core, type the following:

setup grace (or source /srv/local/setup/grace.set)
xmgrace &

Please Note: If you publish a figure using this program please cite the following:

Paul J. Turner Center for Coastal and Land-Margin Research Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology Beaverton, Oregon

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