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FIT2D 1- and 2-Dimensional Data Analysis

FIT2D is both a general purpose and specialist 1 and 2 dimensional data analysis program, used on most of the European Synchrotron Research Facility beam-lines and by many other crystallography groups throughout the world.

FIT2D supports 1D and 2D data processing including powder diffraction and SAXS. It knows about many detector types, including the MAR. Some detector types are available only from the command-line interface.

FIT2D is available free of charge to academic research in return of an undertaking for appropriate acknowledgement of use of the program and the methods.

At this writing, fit2d is available on linux computers in the CSB Core. Simply type, fit2d.

The FIT2D home page is mirrored at: http://biocat1.iit.edu/fit2d.
The original FIT2D home page is at http://www.esrf.fr/computing/expg/subgroups/data_analysis/FIT2D/ .

An online userguide: FIT2D: An Introduction and Overview and Reference: FIT2D: REFERENCE MANUAL are available.

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