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NOTE: This software was only available as a demonstration version, which has long since expired. The regular version of the program costs money, so if you have a vital need for d*TREK, approach those who run the Core with a formal request.

d*TREK is a software suite and toolkit which collects and processes single crystal X-ray diffraction images from two-dimensional position sensitive detectors such as imaging plate area detectors and charged-coupled device (CCD) detectors. The result of the processing is a list of Bragg reflections which appear on those images with their Miller indices (hkl), estimated intensities, and standard deviations.

The package was written by Jim Pflugrath at Molecular Structure Corp.

The general steps required in any single crystal dffraction experiment and the d*TREK modules that perform each step are:

The following are the main modules with links to the other documentation:

dtcollect - usage: dtcollect
dtdisplay - usage: dtdisplay [image_file]
dtprocess - usage: dtprocess [header_file]

On raxis or raxisb the above commands are in the path.

To use d*TREK on CaO2, IrO2, RbO2, SrO2, OsO2 type,

setup dtrek

and one of the three commands above.

A demo version of d*TREK92 has been installed on coot in the core.

The documentation for this version is available in a PDF format

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