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For each atom in a list the program ACCESS is designed to find the surface area in square Angstroms that is accessible to a probe sphere of a radius specified by the user.

The program was written by B. Lee, F.M. Richards, T.J.Richmond, and M. Handschumacher.

The documentation for this program is here.

To use ACCESS do the following:

In a directory in which you have write permission and a file containing the coordinates of your protein, type


and follow the prompts.

An accessory program called ACCFMT will summarize the atom output of ACCESS to residue summaries of accessiblilities.

After you have run ACCESS and have the output in a file, simply type:


and give the name of the ACCESS output file as the input file when prompted.

Please Note: If you publish a figure using this program please cite the following:

B. Lee and F.M.Richards J. Mol. Biol. 55: 379-400 (1971) The Interpretation of Protein Structures: Estimation of Static Accessibility.

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