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Directions for Making Slides on the ProPalette 7000 Film Recorder:

Following these directions will allow you to shoot your own slides on GLAZIER in the CSB Core.  You shouldn't have to make any changes to any of the settings except those described below.

  1. Open RasterPlus by going to "Start -> Programs -> Utility Programs -> RasterPlus(slidemaker).
  2. Configure the slide maker for film type, background color, and preview by choosing "Printer -> Configure Application Print Driver" and click on the "Advanced" tab.
    • Click on the "+" sign to expand the options
    • Paper size will be "PowerPoint35mm" for PowerPoint and "35mm Film" for other programs
    • Expand on the "Document Options" tree and then the "Printer Options" tree.
    • Film type will probably be "Kodak Elite Chrome 100 v7c" since this is sold in the stockroom
    • Background color is "Black" unless you are shooting documents with only black text (ex. Word files).  In that case choose white.
    • Setting Hold to "Yes" will place you file in the hold queue and let you preview the slides before actually shooting them
  3. Open the file that you wish to make slides from.
    • For PowerPoint: when you make your presentation, under "Page Setup" make sure that you have selected "35mm Slides" under the pull-down menu "Slides sized for:". This will keep you from getting black borders on the sides of your slides.
    • For all other programs: set the page size to width 11.25 inches and height 7.5 inches for landscape documents and the opposite for portrait documents. If you are scaling down an already made document, constrain the dimensions so that will change with the same ratio as one another and make the largest of the two original dimensions fit within the limits stated above. If you don't do this, your document may be cropped.
  4. From the "File" menu select "Print..."
  5. When the print window pops up, choose "Polaroid ProPalette 7000" from the printer name pull down menu.
  6. Select the page(s) you wish to print and then press "Ok" to print.
    • If you chose to "Hold" your slides then you may preview them by highlighting the file(s) and selecting "Printer -> Preview Selected Jobs".
    • Once previewed,  highlight the file(s) and select "Printer -> Print Selected Jobs".
    • If you didn't choose to preview the slides, they are automatically printed.

N.B. If for some reason,  the Polaroid Propalette 7000 printer is not shown,  just open RasterPlus and select "Printer -> Reinstall Application Print Driver".  Choose "yes" when prompted.  Any other problems should be directed to the system administrators (problems@csb.yale.edu).

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