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Security Policy -- CSB Core Computing Laboratory

1989 Policy Statement of CSB PI's

"The computer systems of the Center for Structural Biology have been maintained with a low level of security to encourage the exchange of computer software and results among members of the center. Such a system requires a high level of personal integrity of each member of the center and demands the respect for the intellectual property maintained on the computer system.

"Tampering is defined as any unauthorized modification or copying of another user's data files or programs. Tampering by any individual is strictly forbidden. Instances of tampering should be reported immediately to the system manager and to one of the P.I.'s associated with the Center for Structural Biology. The offender will be denied access to the CORE laboratory of the Center for Structural Biology immediately and permanently."

See also the Yale and CSB computing policies.

CSB Security Measures

Maintaining the security of this laboratory depends on the active cooperation of the entire CSB community. Your adherence to the CSB guidelines are important in preventing unathorized actions by outsiders; your resistance to the intellectual challenge of circumventing CSB procedures will maintain the internal integrity of the Center.

There are several areas where real threats exist.

The following policies and practices will minimize these threats.

  1. Outside of normal working hours, your University ID is required to enter the Core facility.

  2. Choose a password according to CSB guidelines.

  3. Do not tell anyone your password. Do not "share" your account with anyone, even temporarily. If it is necessary to share access to a file or group of files, see the system manager to arrange for a group account.

  4. Always log off before leaving your terminal or workstation. In addition to protecting your files, this is only common courtesy for others who might want to use that workstation. The system may log users off terminals which are idle for long periods. If you will be gone for less than 20 minutes, you may (and should) lock your terminal (if it supports locking).

  5. By default, most of your files allow "read" access to the world, but deny "write" or "modify" access. You can explicitly change the protection for a given file, or you can change your environment so that, by default, "read" access is denied to the world. See the system staff for help

  6. User files are backed up and archived regularly, depending on their location. To insure the safety of your data, make sure you are familiar with the current backup procedures. You may want to make your own backups to guard against mechanical or human failures.

  7. Report any suspicious or strange computer behaviour to the CSB staff.

  8. CSB users who abuse the facility will be dealt with in accordance with the CSB policy.

Approved by CSB PIs, 03 March, 1995

Art Perlo (arthur.perlo(at)yale^edu)

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