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Use of CSB computers and networks is governed by Yale University's Information Technology Appropriate Use Policy. The following points, adopted by the CSB PIs in 1995, highlight elements of the Yale policy and adds some CSB-specific implementations. If there is a conflict between Yale and CSB policy, Yale policy prevails. You are responsible for adhering to Yale and CSB comouting and security policies. Therefore, it is a good idea to read them.

CSB Computing Policy

  1. The CSB Computing Laboratory

    This document outlines the overall guidelines for the operation of the CSB Core Computing Laboratory. It is not meant to be exhaustive, and much of the computing environment in the Core remains informal. Other documents addressing specific aspects of policy and its implementation can be found in Policies and Practices.

  2. Appropriate Use

    The Core Computing Laboratory is established to further the research being carried out by members of the CSB and other authorized people. Personal use is permitted, for such purposes as mail, news, entertainment, etc. However, personal use may not interfere in any way with research activities -- it is your responsibility to insure this. The Computing Laboratory is largely supported by public funds -- for-profit and other inappropriate use is prohibited.

  3. Responsible Use

    Computing resources are limited and shared by many people. Specific policies exist regarding use of some limited resources, eg, file storage space, computing power, graphics terminals. Absent a specific policy, you are expected to refrain from initiating activities that consume an unreasonable amount of resources or that interfere with the work of other users or with the operation of the Laboratory. In doubtful situations, the Core Staff should be consulted.

  4. Keeping Informed

    Details of operation of the CSB Computing Laboratory change frequently. You are encouraged to read the daily login messages and other on-line news sources to keep informed.

  5. Copyrights and Acknowledgements

    Much of the software available in the Core Laboratory is licensed and/or copyrighted. In most cases, acknowledgement is required for any publication using results or graphics generated by the software. Except where specifically authorized, it is illegal to copy software for the purpose of running it on another computer.

    The CSB staff will make every effort to include notices of these requirements in documentation and, when possible, in the software itself. However, it is your responsibility to insure that proper acknowlegement is made in publication, and that any software is copied only with permission.

  6. Security and Privacy

    Guidelines for security and privacy are detailed in CSB Security -- Policies and Practices. The spirit of these policies are presented here, but you should also familiarize with the policy details and implementation guidelines.

    We will attempt to provide an environment where your data, programs, etc are safe from physical destruction and free from unauthorized viewing or tampering. You are expected to refrain from activity that violates the comparable rights of others, that undermines others' ability to use the computing facility or the ability of the staff to provide services.

    CSB staff will not use system privilege to read your files, unless that is necessary to diagnose problems or assure the smooth functioning of the facility.

    Human error (yours or ours), machine error, or unanticipated malpractice can subvert the best of intentions. Therefore, you should never assume that the security or privacy of your data is absolute. Practical steps to increase your security can be found in CSB Security -- Policies and Practices and CSB Backup Procedures.

  7. Consideration

    We have neither the time, the ability, nor the inclination to make rules for every contingency. When in doubt, or (especially) when in temper, try to "do as you would be done by" in absence of other guidelines.

  8. Crime and Punishment.

    When possible, specific policies (use of computing resources, etc.) are enforced by automatic system functions. For the most part, other policies rely on the cooperation of the user community.

    The CSB computing staff may take measures as they see fit to insure the smooth opertion of the Laboratory. This may include deleting files or killing jobs, if they are in serious violation of policy and are interfering with the legitimate work of other users. Deliberate and egregious violation of CSB policies could lead to suspension of accounts and/or notification of the appropriate PI. It should be noted, however, that most problems are resolved informally.

    Problems or complaints about the functioning of the Computing Laboratory or the support staff should be taken up with the staff; if you cannot obtain satisfaction there, the issue should be brought to the attention of your PI.

Approved by CSB PIs, 03 March, 1995

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