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Connecting computers to the network

This information applies only to computers in those laboratories of the Yale Center for Structural Biology that are located on the 3rd and 4th floors of Gibbs and Bass.


In the halcyon days of old, CSB labs were part of the core network. Instructions for connecting to that network are still available. Since the fell winter of 2007-2008, however, CSB labs will be connected directly to the Yale network, bringing the benefits of sophisticated institutional support and service.

Connecting to Yale's network


In order to register your computer, you will need:
  1. A Yale NetID and password. All Yale University students, faculty and staff members are assigned a NetID, and visiting scholars can obtain one through the arcane rules described in the above link.
  2. The MAC address of your computer. If your computer has a wireless card, you need both MAC addresses. See .

    To determine the MAC address(es) in your Windows PC:

    Start -> Run -> cmd. Then type, ipconfig /all. You will get a bunch of information, ending in something like this:

          Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
            Description . . . . . . . : 3COM 3xxx Adapter
    	Physical Address  . . . . : 00-0C-29-D0-FC-E5
    	(lots more stuff)
    The MAC address for your ethernet connection is 000c29d0fce5. (Note that case does not matter). The character 0 is the numeric zero, not the letter Oh.

    If you have a wireless card, you will see a similar entry for "Wireless" instead of "Local Area Connection".

Register your computer

There is an automated procedure available for Yale students to register their laptops. For others, life is harder.

Student laptops All other computers
Go to This will allow you to register your computer and connect to the Yale network. You will need your computer's MAC address. If you want to register both wired and wireless, you will need both MAC addresses.

If you register your laptop with this method, you will get not be able to see other computers or printers in your lab using Windows Network Neighborhood functions. If this is a problem, use the procedure for All other computers instead of the procedure for student laptops.

Send an email to at The body of the email should contain the following information:

Dear Faculty Support,

I would like to register my computer on the 130.132.91 ( network. My NetID is xxxnn; my Yale phone number is n-nnnn. I am doing research in the laboratory of Professor XXX YYY, and the computer being registered will be located in Bass/Gibbs room xxx.

My computer is a (PC|Mac) running (Windows|Linux|OSX). Its MAC address is xxxxxxxxxxxx.

(Optional) My computer also has a wireless card, with MAC address xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Please let me know when my computer has been registered, and send me the IP address.

Access for guests

You can arrange network access for visitors who do not have a Yale NetID. See:

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