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Last Modified: Friday, 01-Dec-2017 14:38:17 EST

Guide for New Users

Core computing accounts are authorized by the CSB Principal Investigators. To obtain an account:

  1. Read, print and sign this document
  2. Get your PI or lab manager to sign this document. If necessary, a phone call or email from your PI to the CSB staff can substitute.
  3. Bring this signed form to the CSB staff in Room 341 Bass

Application for New CSB Core Computing Account

I am applying for a computing account in the CSB core. I have read or will read, and agree to abide by, the policies and practices of the CSB core. I understand that policies may change from time to time, and I will be responsible for observing changes and updates to policies. I will sign up for appropriate CSB mailing lists to stay informed.

The Overall Policy document outlines the overall guidelines for the operation of the CSB Core Computing Laboratory. It is not meant to be exhaustive, and much of the computing environment in the Core remains informal. The document includes sections on appropriate and responsible use, security, and penalties for misuse, among other matters.

The Security document includes a few pointers. When you get your CSB account, check with the CSB staff member on how to select an appropriate password.

Disk Use and Filesystems includes links to useful information as well as policies. This document is rarely completely current, because we are constantly adding filesystems. Please pay attention to the rules concerning common temporary disk space -- this is one of the areas of greatest misunderstanding in the CSB Core.

Use of Batch Queues is required if you run a significant job on a compute server.

Reserving Work Stations is often unnecessary, but if you know you will be doing a substantial amount of graphics, it is a good practice.

I agree to the terms and conditions described here

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