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PC Computing Policy
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The CSB Core provides four Microsoft Windows 2000 Dell workstations for the following services:

There are no longer any Macintosh computers available in the Core.

PC Computing Policy:

The policy for using these systems is as follows:

  1. Workstations are used on a 1st come 1st served basis. This means that you may not reserve or screen-lock a computer for any reason. Other users may log you out of the computer after 30min of vacancy.
  2. A user may print slides on GLAZIER using the slidemaker if the computer is already in use by another user.  The slide printing setup takes less than 5 minutes and once started the normal use of the workstation can continue while the slides print in the background.  This does not mean however a user can be "kicked-off" a workstation so that another user can create/design slides on that workstation.
  3. You may not install ANY software or hardware on these systems. Installations are to be performed by CSB Staff only. If you wish to see a particular program or other hardware installed petition the staff.
  4. You may not change ANY system settings. This is the cause of most computer related problems in the Core. Report problems to the CSB Staff and they will make the necessary changes to the system.
  5. Users may store files only on the specified "User Drive" or "Scratch Drive" on each system. Files stored here should be considered temporary, reguardless of age or importance. This means that they can be deleted by anyone, for any reason, at any time so store important files on removable media (i.e. Zip, Jaz, Floppy, CD) or the UNIX file server (via FTP or Samba).

Report any problems with the PC based systems to problems@csb.yale.edu.

Hardware/Software Availible:

Not all of the above services are availible on each workstation however. Below are lists of the software and hardware on the PC workstations in the Core along with links to web-based documentation (instructions/help for most applications are availible as on-line help within the respective application):

MASON.core - 400MHz Pentium II PC running Windows 2000, 384MB RAM

GLAZIER.core - 450MHz Pentium II PC running Windows 2000, 384MB RAM

PAINTER.core - 866MHz Pentium III PC running Windows 2000, 1GB RAM

EXCAVATOR.core - 1.3GHz Pentium 4 PC running Windows 2000, 767MB RAM

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