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The Joy of SAXS
October, 2004 Edition

Revived (and revised) SAXS system of October, 2004

Data are collected on raxisb, which is a Rigaku R-Axis-IV image plate system and accompanying computer. Data are saved in image files using the standard raxis software for collecting still data. The CSB SAXS software includes a number of processing and utility programs and procedures. The programs have been compiled for linux computers.

Detector parameter file

All processing and utiility programs in the SAXS system rely on a detector parameter file, although only some parameters are used by any given program. The parameter file can be modifying using any text editor. An annotated example is available.

Data processing programs and procedures

Savage -- Calculate radial average of data in a sample file, optionally subtracting scaled buffer data, and output the averages in bins of equal S.

Scalebuf -- Calculates scale factor between a sample file and a buffer.

Pattersaxs -- From output of savage, calculate the Patterson function.

Utility programs

Xdisp (also known by alias rx4disp) displays an Raxis-IV image on an X-windows display. It is part of the Denzo/HKL2000 package (reference). There is also a native display program on the Raxis data collection program that can be used.

Beamtest -- Reads an image file, inverts the pixels lying in the avoid box as specified in the parameter file, and writes a modified image file. The modified file can be viewed with Xdisp to verify that the beamstop parameters are correctly set.

fake_buffer -- Reads a sample file. Creates a fake buffer file, using high-angle portions of the sample file as reference.

Software development information

See /srv/local/saxs/saxs2004/.

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