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In Memoriam: Frederic M. Richards

What's New:

2015.03.03: The March 1, 2015 release of XDS is available, with fixes and a major keyword change. PLEASE NOTE: the DISTANCE parameter has been replaced by POSITION. Adjust your scripts accordingly. You can include both keywords if necessary, as the previous release will not expire until the end of 2015.

2015.01.20: Version 0.8.1 of Coot is available on Core Linux and OS X workstations as the current default. To use the previous version on Linux, type 'setup coot prev'.

2014.12.19: The November 3, 2014 release of XDS is available, just in time to avoid the December 31, 2014 expiration of the previous version.

2014.12.03: Version 706 of HKL 2000 is now available. This is a 64-bit version, with support for Bio-CARS MX340-HS and SER-CAT MX300-HS detectors, and an updated autoindex procedure. Previous releases remain available for selection by date during setup; see the output of the 'setup hkl' command for details.

2014.08.28: Version 3.7 of POV-Ray for high-quality 3-D ray tracing has been installed. This is useful with PyMOL, either with the ray command, or via scripting.

2014.06.27: The Core installation of Phenix 1.9 now supports using structure modeling via Rosetta for molecular replacement and refinement. See the linked documentation for details.

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